Hank is the one who started the gardens. Shortly after his ordination as a Lutheran Pastor in 1970, he bought about 100 acres of land in southeast Ohio as a retirement project. The first gardens were primarily veggies, peonies and daylilies, but little by little, other flowers and trees crept in, until now in the 10 acres around the house the only remnant of the edible portion of the early gardens are a few tomato plants and green beans, carefully fenced to keep out the deer. His love of gardening came from his father who filled his small yard in Cleveland with an overwhelming assortment of roses, lilacs and anything else which would bloom. Although Hank's education is in philosophical theology and psychology, not botany, almost 75 years of working with plants has given him more practical knowledge than several degrees could have. If you have gardening questions on trees, he's the one to ask.


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